wednesday bible study 2
Bible study reveals a plan and purpose for every person's life. The knowledge and understanding gained from the study of God's word can give you a better understanding of your life and its events.  Often we ask ourselves questions about life. We wonder about the purpose of our lives. We question whether our lives have meaning.
Study of the bible gives us special insight into the answers to these questions. You may not understand the bible, and are confused by the Bible's many interpreters.  Some of you may have given up on the bible because you think you need to be a specialist to understand it. The bible is for everyone and everyone who studies it can master its message. 
Our bible study is open for comments about how the scripture text has impacted your life.  It will help you to have a better life, a deeper understanding of your purpose and a greater knowledge of just how important your life really is.  Bible study is also a great opportunity to fellowship with like believers. Sharing with both new and mature believers is an opportunity to encourage each other to stay on track with our God-given assignments.


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