welcome with jimmie 1

Purpose Life Christian Fellowship began with just a few families who wanted to enjoy a fresh move of God’s Spirit. We have a passion to know Jesus, be faithful, and place him in the center of our lives and families. We try hard to worship the God who really is, the one who has made himself known in scripture, and in the faithful confessions of the church through the ages.

Purpose Life Christian Fellowship is intentionally designed to be a place where people who are not comfortable with traditional Church can come to know God.  Your background, education, financial status and wardrobe do not matter to Jesus and they don't matter to us either. You'll find true diversity when you step into our worship experience. But through all our differences we find one commonality, Jesus loves us and accepts us. Here you can serve in your purpose, which is our starting point for change.

We hope that after you look around the web site you will get a feel for Purpose Life as a church and as a community. But the only way to find out what we’re really all about is to check us out on Sunday and experience Purpose Life Christian Fellowship in person. Of all the important decisions you make in life, we know that picking a place to worship God in spirit and in truth is probably right at the top. We look forward to meeting you, and we hope that you’ll feel free enough to visit us a couple times. That’s the best way to get a good taste of what God is doing here.

I hope to meet you soon. 

Jimmie Gooden, Pastor/Founder